Behind the Brand

Emily Robitaille
Published August 9, 2020

Why Swim by Em?

I’ve worn quite a few swimsuits in my lifetime – Some of those suits were noteworthy, sure, but none of them compared to the feeling I got when I realized that I could make a swimsuit that was entirely me – in the cut I wanted, with the print I wanted, that was made with the values that are personally important to me.

It’s one thing to feel good in your bikini. It’s another thing entirely when the clothes on your body line up with a cause you value.

When you wear a Swim by Em bathing suit, I want you to feel good in every way. I believe that when you wear one of these swimsuits, you’re doing more than simply wearing a bikini.

You’re Helping Keep Wasted Fabric out of Landfills

I started Swim by Em after realizing that I could find a new use for fabric ends – which are basically remnants of great material that would otherwise be thrown away. Making swimsuits out of fabric ends is a more sustainable, ethical approach to clothing production. It combines fashion and wastefulness.

You’re Supporting Local Business in Calgary

We’re proud to be creating swimsuits right here in Calgary, Alberta. Everyone can buy online, but if you’re local, we offer in-person pickup as well.

You’re Wearing Something That Suits You Uniquely

Besides being good for the environment, the fact that our suits are created with fabric ends means you’re not likely to see another gal on the beach wearing the same bathing suit as you. There are limited quantities of each material we source, so when a collection sells out, it’s gone. Our swimsuits are made to order with choices of four bikini top styles and four bikini bottom styles. You get to create the bathing suit that you want to wear, rather than having to choose from a limited selection of mass-produced ones.

You’re Supporting Inclusive Fashion

Swim by Em bathing suits are designed for all cup sizes from A to GG and fit a wide range of body types. We believe that everyone who wants to wear one of our swimsuits should be able to, and we’re always open to new ideas on how to make that happen.

Feel Good in Your Own Skin

If I’m doing my job right, when you wear a Swim by Em bikini, you should feel good and look great, on your own terms. I want you to feel like yourself and no one else, in soft, comfortable fabrics that fit just right – body, mind and spirit.

A Bright Future

I am very excited to introduce the new Swim by Em website to the world – But what does it mean for you? Well, the website development process was based around creating a better user experience for our customers. As our brand continues to grow, we needed an online store that was capable of growing with us. If this sounds like a familiar problem that you need solved, I'd like to shamelessly recommend you look into web design services by my friend Steven.

Wrapping Up

I’m committed to creating bathing suits that you can live and breathe in – inspired by your way of life. If I’m not hitting this mark, please get in touch.